Portrait from Illustrations for CF campaign.

Illustrations for Cystic Fibrosis

Portrait from Illustrations for CF campaign.

This spring, Bri and I started a fundraising team for Cystic Fibrosis (CF) through the Great Strides organization.

Bri setup our teams, and all was well and fine. What I was not aware of (until publicly announced by my wonderful significant other), is that we were aggressively competing for the most-raised donations. Quickly realizing that donations were rolling in to her, and a whopping zero were coming to me, I decided to step it up and create a bit of an illustration incentive scheme.

There was a bit of a back and forth. Bri being the Creative Manager of our little studio and therefore keeper of the schedule started to offer added-value to those who donated to her as well as me by guaranteeing the buyer priority placement in the illustration lineup.

Well, within 24 hours we had raised $2,047 (100% of this went to the Great Strides Foundation), and I had set myself up for a heck of a lot of drawing!

The progress so far:

Portrait #1: Paul Scanlan


Paul was tied (with his wife/my sister) as the highest bidder at $200. For that price he asked to be portrayed riding a tiger, saving a helicopter full of babies.

The riding on a tiger I could definitely do, but there was just no way I could manage a helicopter full of babies without blowing the time limit totally sky-high. Sorry Paul. I gave you a suit of armour and a big gun instead.

You’ll notice in the video that I played around with colour for a little bit, but really wasn’t feeling the cartoony look that was coming out of it, so I stuck with an epic black and white with some subtle gradient toning.

Portrait #2: Beverly Scanlan

Beverly Scanlan

I really had fun drawing my niece Monica in this one. I rarely get to see her (as the family all lives in Ontario), and it was a pleasure to spend some time sketching her lovely face. I prefer the close-crop version of just her head, but I also included a full body version that depicts her holding her shovel in the garden.


Portrait #3: John Fernhout

Portrait from Illustrations for CF campaign.

John is a good friend, and not only donated to receive a custom illustration, but because the cause is one that is close to his and his family’s hearts. John is also a pretty rad guy that was very fun to draw.

Portrait #4: Courtney Konschuh


Courtney was the first to ask for a portrait of an animal. I don’t have much experience with animal portraits, and trying to figure out the textures proved tougher than I expected. That being said, her dad’s dog Monkey looks like a beautiful dog and I had fun drawing him! On a somewhat related note, checkout the illustration of Courtney I did awhile back.

Portrait #5: Maggie & Kevin Ganes

Maggie & Kevin

Bri and I first met Maggie and Kevin when we shot their wedding, and then their trash the dress photos, last year in 2012. Since then over many evening fires, boxes of beer and fine whiskeys, we’ve come to be great friends. It’s always quite enjoyable to have beautiful friends to take photos and draw pictures of. Thanks for donating guys!

Portrait #6: Jennifer Broek

Jennifer BroekThe great thing about the internet and social media is connecting with people from your past. When Bri and I put out the call for donations, we saw a few names that we hadn’t come across in more than a decade. Jenn is one of those! I was really happy to see her supporting the fundraising for CF, and had a great time drawing her two little boys. The camo was a bit of a challenge, but I like how it turned out (Sorry, no video this time, I was on the road for most of this one).

Portrait #7: Karen Hamilton

Karen HamiltonThis one is a special one of Karen, Brent and their two little girls. Karen has been the inspiration for our initial fundraising drive for CF. They have been living quite the roller coaster, however things have been better than ever these past few months as Karen recovers from the incredible gift of a double lung transplant.

If you’re not a regular blood donor, consider signing up here
And be sure to consider and discuss organ/tissue donation with your family. Read more here

Portrait #8: Nicholas Buesink

A CF portrait from a little while ago. Had to keep this one quiet as it was a surprise for Nicholas Buesink! Special request Gandalf-Nick by Melisa.

Thanks guys!

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